screamlet! (screamlet) wrote,

fic: diving

Title: Diving
Fandom: Star Trek (Reboot)
Pairing: Kirk/Spock pre-slash; established Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG-13ish.
Word Count: 5261.
Summary: Follow up to Discount Shot Night, followed by Denouement; exploring the Enterprise's first shore leave.

"Spock. Spock? Commander? First officer? Science officer? Spockers? Spocky? SPOCK."

"Yes, Jim," Spock spoke into his communicator, which had fallen onto the floor when Jim had thrown him unceremoniously on his bed the night before.

"Wow, you were still asleep! I'm impressed! Anyway, Scotty left you coordinates in the transport room -- you need to get your Vulcan ass down here because I'm treating the senior officers to lunch."

"I... I slept through breakfast?"

"What the hell does that matter? I'm buying you lunch! Everyone misses you. Everyone, say you miss Spock."

Spock pulled out his regulation casual wear as his communicator vibrated with the bridge crew shouting various things through Kirk's communicator.

"Your combined pitch is causing a physical disturbance in my communicator," Spock said from a few feet away. "I will beam down shortly. Spock out."

Spock arrived in the center of the restaurant, which was 100% Enterprise crew. Once he was recognized, the crew burst into applause and whistles. Kirk stood up from the senior officers' booth and waved him over, grinning manically with the rest.

"Gentlemen; Lieutenant," Spock said in acknowledgement before sitting down at the edge of the booth across from Kirk. It was a tight fit and Chekov forfeited his seat to Spock, relocating to a nearby table with much younger officers.

"You had fun last night, or so everyone on the crew thinks," Uhura remarked in what Spock thought was an atypically sly manner. "What time did you boys get in?"

"Way past curfew, Mom, but as you can see, Spock's alive to tell the tale," Kirk replied. "Go on, tell them about the pregnant woman we saved in the bathroom."

"Actually, I'd like to hear more about the emergency tracheotomy you performed on the six-year-old using only a genetically altered Rigellian cherry stem and broken beer bottle," McCoy interrupted.

"Or the intergalactic war you stopped using only your hair," Sulu said.

"Maybe we should just skip to when Spock traveled back in time and stopped Adam and Eve from being kicked out of the garden," Kirk said.

A waitress approached and Spock looked up at her, held up one finger, and said, "One coffee. Very strong. Very large. Please. Thank you."

"So what did you and the captain do last night?" Uhura asked. Evadne II was less disgusting in the light of its two suns, so Spock and Uhura walked along its shopping district, arms brushing against each other as often as they dared. "I thought you would come by after your shift."

"I did not plan on beaming down to the planet, but Jim had not checked in for quite some time. I had to ensure he was not dead or worse."

"Or worse?" She thought for a moment and agreed it was possible. "So tell me what you did!" she said with a playful nudge into his side which no one could mistake for anything but camaraderie.

"You know very well what the captain is like when he is intoxicated."

"Yeah, but I want to know what he's like when he's intoxicated with you."

"To be accurate, I was far more inebriated than Jim. He is much better at holding his liquor than I am."

"It was his high school concentration," Uhura replied. "You're avoiding the question, Spock."

Perhaps. "He was very attentive. He beamed me back to the ship and injected me with a vitamin cocktail to counteract the effects of the alcohol."

"Wow," Uhura said. "Doesn't sound like him."

"No, I believe it does. In a way."

Hours later, Spock and Uhura encountered McCoy in an ice cream shop, which they agreed was out of the ordinary. Even more unusual, Kirk was no where to be found. When McCoy spotted them through the window, he rolled his eyes and motioned them to come inside, which they did.

"I've wanted ice cream for months. Since the day we got on the damn ship, I've been wanting some real ice cream, not the kind shit out by a computer onto a tray," he explained. Spock expressed his admiration for the sundae sitting in front of the doctor, roughly six inches high and covered in every topping one could name.

"We were surprised; we thought the captain would be here to help you share it."

McCoy shot Uhura a glare of pure fury and addressed Spock in a surprisingly casual tone.

"Jim's off with some nice Vegan girl he met last night before you showed up -- sealing the deal, as it were, that he set up before he had to beam your drunk ass back to the ship."

"That sounds more like the captain," Uhura said brightly.

"I was not aware he had other plans before I arrived," Spock said.

"Well, if it's any consolation, he told me he forgot about his other plans when you did arrive." McCoy raised one eyebrow and then dug into his sundae.

"Spock! It is fucking beautiful planetside and you're sitting in my chair. What the hell are you doing? Besides sitting in my chair."

Spock looked up at Jim, who was standing next to him holding a bag. He wondered how he had not heard him approach since his walk was extremely distinctive.

"You're not working, are you?"

"This is my last assigned shift -- you may consult the roster, if you wish."

"I direct order you to report to the planet and do something amusing," Kirk said in what Spock had to admit was an excellent commanding voice. "Also, I got you a present."


"A gift, Spock. Hold out your hand."

Spock informed him that he knew what a present was, held out his hand, and raised an eyebrow when Kirk placed a pink shot glass in the palm of his hand.

"Pink, Jim?"

"Yeah -- don't you remember? You loved the Malurian Mango -- a little effeminate for me, but I'm not about to judge. Now get out of my chair and go do something you can tell your grandchildren about."

When Kirk's last shift of the week finished, he entered the lift with a wave goodbye to the replacement bridge staff, took the lift to his living quarters, and danced down the corridor to his room.

He danced right past the rec room where he and Spock usually played chess, and didn't notice Spock rise from his game, stand in the corridor, and watch him travel down to his door with his eyes tightly closed and humming a melody the first officer was unfamiliar with.

"Captain, are you experiencing some kind of physical or mental break?" Spock asked.

"Spock, it is completely logical for me to dance after my last shift on the bridge for two whole days, so don't even try to make me think it's not."

"I intended it as a frivolous comment upon your manner of dance."

"Spock, I am going to rock my body right and you can't stop me."

"I am fairly sure I could --"

"Yeah, your shoulder pinch is pretty sneaky like that."

"-- but I would not want to. Not at the moment, at least. Perhaps later when you become more unwieldy."


"...that is the verbal command you programmed your door to open on?" Spock asked in disbelief. Kirk watched him approach the door slowly and stare at the sliding mechanism, like a cat exploring something new.

"I change it every few days based on my mood. Yesterday it was, 'come on baby, don't be like that, let some sugar into your heart'." Kirk took off his shirt and threw it on a chair, then rifled through his closet for something appropriate to wear to his half-formed plans and where ever they would lead. "That should shed some light on why I just slept on your bed last night -- don't think I could have managed the precise wording and stroking so late at night."

"It seems illogical to program your living quarters in such a needlessly complex fashion."

"It's totally fucking illogical, Spock, and impractical, inefficient, unprofessional, probably violating a few sexual harassment regulations -- but it amuses me." Kirk smiled, pulled a shirt on over his head, and shrugged.

Uhura left the transporter room holding her extremely high heels in one hand and a small purse in the other. She walked barefoot down the corridor, still feeling the warmth of the dance club she and several other crew members had found that night. Her pleasant buzz was interrupted by a hooting noise (sort of like laughter) from somewhere. It took her a moment to orient herself and the direction of the noise -- the captain's quarters. Of course.

Curiosity got the better of her and she knocked gently on the door.

"Come on in!"

Kirk was on his bed, sprawled out on his stomach, pressing a thin screen in his hands furiously. Uhura raised her eyebrows when she saw Spock leaning against the headboard, legs out and crossed at the ankles, a screen also in his hands. He looked up and the corners of his mouth twitched at her presence.

"It's almost first dawn," Uhura remarked. "What you both doing awake? And here?"

"We were playing chess... like... nine hours ago," Kirk remarked. "Then... how the hell did the diagnostics glitch come up?"

"You remarked that my capture of your queen using only a pawn was a 'glitch' in your programming, which led to the diagnostics I was running during my shift today and the simulation error that Mr. Scott appears to have caused with his endless tinkering."

"Scotty's a genius, he can tinker all he wants while we're off duty."

"I agree on his vast intelligence and ingenuity, but it is disconcerting when he has effectively left the ship for two days and sending the Enterprise into warp leaves an ion cloud shaped like a bottle of whiskey on our monitors."

"That's your glitch?" Uhura asked, something like incredulity in her voice. "Anyway, I heard you laughing."

"Nyota, he is always laughing."

Something about that made Kirk flip onto his back to look at Spock, while Uhura stared at both of them and the look they were exchanging. Uhura couldn't see Kirk's expression, but saw Spock's, which was as amused and quizzical as she had ever seen it.

"So does that mean I can finally admit I know what her name is? Oh, oh," he looked over his shoulder, his body still facing Spock. "Does that mean we're on a first name basis?"

"I prefer Uhura, and I think I'll leave you two alone to... finish your game."

"Good night, Uhura," Kirk said in a sing-song voice.

"Good night, Nyota," Spock added.

He didn't get up to follow her. She quietly padded down the hall, then stopped and listened when they began to talk again. She hesitated, but took a step backwards in order to hear them more effectively, bending down to adjust her stockings.

"--step over a line or anything, but shouldn't you go after her? Not that she ran away or anything, but -- you know what I mean. Women like that sort of thing. Appearing when they think they least need you and most want you."

"It would be illogical. As Nyota said -- it is nearly first dawn and she appears to have been dancing on the planet. My presence would only interfere with her rest from the evening."

"Spock, the last thing a woman wants to do after a night of dancing with her girlfriends is get a good night's sleep in her room alone."

"You are quick to assume she was accompanied only by female personnel. Even if that is the case, I am sure she would not be so illogical as to disregard the presence of males of potential interest on the planet when I am here and she is free to do as she would."

"She wouldn't do that, Spock, she's crazy about you. You're the only pointy-eared bastard she'd let kiss her boots."

"I must inform you of something shocking, Jim. Pointed ears are a dominant trait in humanoid species. Only Earth and a handful of planets contain humanoid species with rounded ears such as yours."

"Luckily, you joined Starfleet, which is chock full of our round ears. Did you find that article on the new chip component we've haven't been able to find for about three hours?"

"As I have said half a dozen times before -- check your received items, where you will find as many copies of the article in question."

"Ah. Thanks, Spock. If..."

Uhura went to her room.

Hours later, Uhura had woken up, changed, and headed down to the planet for breakfast or lunch -- she hadn't quite decided yet. She walked down the main street of Evadne II's restaurant sector, deciding to find the tiny breakfast place she had noticed on her walk with Spock the day before.

Eventually, she found it, along with Spock and the captain. Kirk looked up from his breakfast mess and tapped urgently on the window, motioning her to come inside.

"What is that you're eating?" she asked as she pulled up a chair and positioned it close to Spock.

"Steak omelette. Don't let Spock tell me where they got the meat from."

"Isn't the mark of an omelette... organization? A bunch of ingredients wrapped in an egg?"

Kirk looked at Spock and motioned to the mess with his fork. "Does she -- have we met?"

"She remains optimistic, something I can no longer do."

"What are you having?" Uhura asked Spock.

"Spinach and five cheese omelette, which for some reason takes longer to prepare than the slaughter of a--"

"SO HOW'D YOU SLEEP, UHURA?" Kirk yelled, covering one ear with his hand and clanking his fork around on the plate.

"Fine -- aren't you two sick of each other yet?"

"That was blunt." Kirk raised his eyebrows at Spock and shrugged. "We were just talking about our specialties at the Academy."

"I mentioned briefly to Jim that you are the only human I have met to come close in pronouncing my Vulcan patronymic," Spock said. "Would you like to demonstrate?"

She did, and Kirk slammed down his fork on his plate.

"Damn, you Vulcan-talking bitches! That sound creeps me out so much! I can't even tell you! It's not human!"


"In less or equally terrifying news," Uhura raised her eyebrows at how quickly he shifted from furious to coy. "-- Spock found a beach," Kirk told Uhura.

"It's not new to anyone else," Uhura said. "Chekov and Sulu, and I think Scotty, have been there since we docked. Along with those 500 other people you're in charge of, Captain."

"That's where the party's been? Why haven't I been informed? Commander, this is your job."

"If you will recall your statement of 20 seconds ago, I did inform you of the fact."

"Uhura! Did you know," Kirk chewed slowly and looked at Spock as he spoke, "That Spock can't swim?"

"Of course he can't -- Vulcan's climate --"

"You're going there, too? Really? I'm saying that we need to fix this."

"I agree," Uhura said.

"You do?" Spock asked.

"Then it's set."

"Spock, you're not being logical."

"I fail to see --"

"For fuck's sake, you've been shot, stabbed, phasered, mindfucked, pregnant for all I know, and you won't trust me in four feet of water? What's that say about our working relationship?"

"The sensation of floating is one I am unfamiliar with due to our technology having eliminated weightlessness in space travel. My position as science officer does not require my unharnessed presence outside the ship; therefore, as in every other situation we have ever encountered together, I am adjusting slowly to this experience in order to --"

"Just pick up his feet," Uhura said.

"Please don't," Spock pleaded with more urgency than either of them had heard before.

"No, I wouldn't do that," Kirk said. "My stepdad tried that shit to teach me and hey, let's not go there, huh? I'm also not going to throw him."

The three of them were in a secluded area of the beach where the water was at chest height. Kirk and Uhura had their arms crossed over their chests while Spock half-floated in the water, two feet on the ocean floor.

"Wait, wait, we've got one leg up, repeat, one leg up."

Spock looked to be close to hyperventilation at his comments, so Kirk shut up.

"The sensation -- it is a complete lack of control, which I am not accustomed to."

"That's when your arms come in -- once you've got both legs straight out, you use your arms and legs to control where you're going. Why don't you try that? Just pick your other leg up and start pushing yourself around. We'll stand back and let you do your thing."

And that worked.

"Okay, ready for swimming underwater? You'll like this -- what you're going to do is jump up and into the water, and cut through it with your hands like this." Kirk made right angles of his hands. "And your feet are going to kick and propel you down -- just don't kick Uhura in the face."

"That sounds manageable. The swimming, rather than kicking you in the face, Nyota."

"Hey, co-teacher, got any tips on this or are you just going to watch him drown?"

She smiled slightly (a little tensely, Kirk thought) and tilted her head. "Watching's fine -- you're doing a great job."

"All right, so take a deep breath and try to stay as close to the bottom as you can -- bonus points if you bring your legs down with you. I'll go with you, okay? See if you can mimic what I do."

"One question. Why are you grinning, Jim?"

"You're learning something. I've never seen that before. On you, I mean. You already know everything, so it's... something new. Anything else?"

"No, I am quite prepared."

Kirk dove under first and swam to the bottom, then swam a tight circle so he could see Spock dive in --

And smash directly into his face.

They both rose to the surface shouting -- or Kirk shouted enough for both of them while Spock suffered quietly.

"What happened?" Uhura asked, wading through the water to them.

"He dove into my face."

"And yet one of your feet managed to hit the bridge of my nose," Spock said nasally as he gripped the bridge tightly. "Is there blood?"

"Ugh, look Spock, just dive under and I'll watch from over here, okay? Sound good?"

"You will have to give me a few moments' recovery time. Nothing seems to be broken. Is McCoy on the other side of the beach?"

"Shut up and move your hand, I've almost broken my nose plenty of times. Move your hand."

"I'm going over to the other beach -- if I see McCoy, I'll send him over, okay?"

"Thanks, Uhura," Kirk said distractedly as he felt Spock's nose with his fingers.

She walked along the shore and when she reached the part of the beach with some of the crew, she was waved over by several groups. Eventually, she made her way over to Chekov and McCoy, who were joined by Sulu and Scotty.

"I came to you guys first because you're the only ones with beer," she said, motioning to the bottles in each of their hands. Chekov hoisted the cooler to the surface of the water ("the best way to keep them safe," he assured her) and opened the lid for her.

"Is that the captain you were just with? And Spock?" Sulu asked.

"Yup," she replied after an initial gulp of beer that astonished those with her. "He's teaching Spock how to swim."

"...sorry, what?" Scotty asked. He looked at his bottle and inside it for clarification.

"Got a little dull," she explained. "Kirk's a good teacher all by himself."

"I also do not know how to swim," Chekov informed her, blushing too much to be telling the truth. "Perhaps --"

Uhura shot him a look, which he hid from in his beer bottle.

"At least they're not choking each other on the console anymore," McCoy mused. "Jim loves a new project. You'll be back in when he gets bored."

"Back in what?" she asked sharply.

McCoy, the other half of Team Bluntly Inappropriate, took a drink from his beer and shrugged. "Was I saying something? I don't think so. Doesn't sound like something I'd do... talking..."

Uhura finished her beer, grabbed another from the cooler in the ensign's hands, and swam away from the group as suddenly as she had arrived.

"10 credits -- Spock doesn't get any tonight," Sulu said when she was well out of earshot.

"I don't think Spock's gotten any this whole shore leave," McCoy commented. "Lots of handholding when I saw them yesterday, but he's been plastered on Jim like a baby duck to its mother."

Four heads turned slowly to look at the abandoned part of the beach where they had seen Kirk and Spock. They were standing in front of each other in the water, Spock fashioning his own wet hair into spikes while Kirk laughed.

"As Chief Medical Officer," McCoy began, "I declare an intervention. Chekov, hand over the cooler. We're going in."

"I smell mangoes," Kirk said randomly.

"They are native to this area of the planet," Spock said as he flattened his hair again. "This water in my ear bothers me."

"Yeah, it'll come out when you're sleeping later -- Bones! And everyone! Where've you been hiding yourself?"

"I was just wondering the same about you," McCoy said. He managed to balance the cooler on one of his arms and drink from his open bottle in the other hand. Kirk pulled out two bottles and handed one to Spock, who took it warily.

"Uhura said you were learning to swim, Spock?" Sulu asked.

"Yes, I believe I have the rudimentary skills mastered and now it is only a matter of practice."

"I haven't seen you all week but tonight -- tonight," McCoy began, drawing himself up dramatically to address Jim. "Tonight we're going to Club... unpronounceable, not that I could read when I found it. Jim, the male to female ratio will make your balls weep with joy."

"Doctor, your metaphors never cease to amaze me," Spock said.

"Bones, that sounds brilliant. Beyond brilliant. Amazing, even."

"One catch."

"They're secretly men?"

"Are they?" Chekov asked, terrified. "I was there with you--"

"They're not men. It's a dance club."

"That hardly seems a 'catch', if by 'catch' you mean something that may cause the captain to refuse to attend, and dancing is --," Spock said.

Kirk shoved Spock hard enough to push anyone into the water, but Spock didn't budge. "What the fuck," he demanded. They stared at each other for a moment, Kirk looking perplexed and Spock collected (as usual), until Kirk threw himself at his first officer and dragged them both underwater. The other four men looked on and bet quietly (McCoy and Sulu won).

"I don't need to teach you how to dance, Spock, do I?" Kirk asked when the bridge crew entered the club that evening.

"I'll take care of that," Uhura assured him.

"We had dancing on Vulcan, thank you both. However, Jim, she is quite right -- this is an area more of her expertise than yours."

"Thank fuck Vulcan was good for something. Bones! To the bar!"

"I missed you," Uhura said when they had left her and Spock alone. "I think you've spent more time these three days with Kirk than with me."

"I did not mean to neglect you," he said assuringly. "The captain is fascinating when I do not have to worry about how his juvenile behavior will end in our fiery deaths. More significantly, understanding him in this context will allow for a better..."

Uhura pulled him in close and kissed him deeply. She wore her highest, thinnest heels, which allowed her frame to move more freely -- Spock tightened an arm around her waist and bent her backwards slightly, his other hand high on her back, until they broke apart and breathed deeply. Uhura opened her eyes, but Spock's were still closed.

"Ready to dance?"

"I am ready to enjoy your presence and everything you do tonight." His eyes opened slowly and the lids seemed too heavy to stay open of their own volition, almost intoxicated by her.

"So... dancing?"

"At least."

Kirk saw Spock surface from the center of the dance floor and gravitate towards him and McCoy.

"You and Uhura looked great out there," Kirk yelled over the music, though he hadn't actually left the bar since they arrived.

"That is only logical -- she is exceptionally good at dancing."

"How do Vulcans justify dancing?"

"As a technique towards propagating the species."

"Spock, how do you manage to make everything wonderful... not that?" McCoy asked over Kirk's shoulder.

"That is simply the biological imperative behind dance," Spock answered calmly.

"This round's on me," Kirk told the bartender, handing his card over the counter. He and Spock held out their drinks while McCoy came around Jim's side and held his own drink in to toast. "Gentlemen, to propagating and engendering -- but not literally, as I need my goddamn communications officer, Spock."

Kirk saw one of Spock's eyebrows tick upwards as they clinked their glasses together. They drank and Spock disappeared into the crowd again, a bottle over his head for Uhura.

"Bones, it's going to kill me when shore leave is over," Kirk announced. "Going back to that Spock with the whole damn manual up his ass ready to spit it out at me every time I pick my nose; sitting behind me making jokes with Uhura about my hair; trying to become a Vulcan martyr every fucking week --"

"Shut up, Jim, you love it."

"I do not!"

"You do, too. Spock and I are like your bossy den mothers telling you to eat your vegetables before your father spanks you."

"Wow, now I'm not drunk enough for this conversation."

"Metaphorically speaking," McCoy groaned.

A young humanoid woman wandered by and Kirk leaned by her ear. In the few seconds she was passing by, he had managed to stop her and convince her to dance, leaving McCoy to pick up his next round.

Kirk was almost a foot taller than his dance partner -- something he didn't notice until his eyes began to wander unimpeded around the floor, not looking for anything in particular but knowing -- and then he spotted them.

Uhura was wearing red. Being on shore leave required that all personnel wear their regulation civilian-esque outfits, but Kirk being Kirk had allowed dress code to slide. He himself wore his usual charcoal uniform pants and the regulation form-fitting black t-shirt, his captain's colors somewhere on the floor of his quarters. Uhura was wearing those same regulation pants and a red t-shirt with the Starfleet logo near her collarbone. The red was set off and almost blinding against her skin, her pants, her hair, the dimness of the club, the lights flashing over the crowd, the glimpses of color that others around her were wearing.

But Kirk had to look down at his dance partner and run a hand down her neck and the side of her body, grip her hips tightly and pull them towards him, all to give him something to focus on instead of Spock.

Spock, that... Spock had decided, as soon as Kirk had finished admiring Uhura, to take off his uniform blue t-shirt, leaving him in the same pants as everyone else and that same black t-shirt Kirk wore. Even if Kirk had seen him shirtless earlier that day at the beach, the Spock he was seeing at that moment was not the same at all. That Vulcan hyperawareness and intensity was completely tuned into Uhura and every move she made. He anticipated her every step, gyration, shift of her hips, slip of her arms, and responded according to the rhythm they had set between each other. He took the blue shirt, rested his face against hers, and pulled her closer by wrapping the shirt around her waist. She leaned back into him, an arm wrapped around his neck, her face with a far gone expression, like that shirt was the most erotic object in the known universe.

Kirk turned his partner around roughly and crouched slightly to allow more contact between them. He focused on her stiff platinum hair, the sparkles scattered on her skin, the movement of her breasts (slightly off the music's tempo), and ran his hands all over her skintight white dress. Yet for all that, for all his staring into the woman's face and eyes and focusing on every stimulus her body registered on his, he could not get his friends, his crewmates, out of his fucking mind or line of vision.

He couldn't! Kirk kicked himself but fuck, he couldn't stop thinking. Spock's eyes were closed as he danced with Uhura, and Kirk felt a tremendous jealousy at how lost in the moment he -- the both of them -- seemed. When was the last time he had forgotten himself like that?

Day one on the Enterprise. New uniform, injuries healed, medal tucked away in his room, sitting in his fucking chair on his fucking ship heading towards their first mission. Five minutes later, McCoy was tapping him on the shoulder for lunch, then dinner, then dammit, Jim, you get to bed before I call your mother to pick you up.

Kirk groaned and moved his mouth to his partner's jawline in an attempt to hide his face, but Uhura noticed him anyway and was bringing Spock over. Spock was now too cool for existence and had his blue shirt around his neck like a towel.

"I love this song!" Uhura yelled at him. She looked at Kirk's sparkle-clad woman and offered a hand. "Uhura! This is Spock!"

"Arin!" Arin, apparently, looked at Kirk, who formally introduced himself. Uhura shot him a look, that fucking smug look in which she knew all the rumors she had ever heard about what a sleazeball he was to women were suddenly true.

His eyes darted to Spock, who had his hands firmly on Uhura's hips and looked at Kirk almost expectantly. After no conversation, Kirk twirled his partner around and resumed dancing with her, forcing Spock and Uhura away again. They didn't seem to mind.

"How do you know them!" Arin shrieked near his ear.

"OW. I'm their captain. USS Enterprise!"

"Wow, captain! That's hot!"

Kirk shrugged in agreement and kissed her so as to avoid more small talk. Her eyes flew shut and he watched her leg lift slightly behind her, practically swooning into him (he could not understand why, he wasn't even trying tonight). He looked over at Spock and Uhura to see if they were amused, but they were too enthralled with each other to notice. That shouldn't have been shocking to him, but it was.

"Wanna get out of here!" Kirk yelled as he broke the kiss. He yelled into her face, imagining his breath probably reeked of his drinks with McCoy and that omelette he had earlier, but she nodded coyly anyway. Kirk tried not to question it and allowed himself to be led out of the crowd and the club.
Tags: fandom: star trek (reboot), fic: gen, fic: het, pairing: kirk/spock, pairing: spock/uhura, series: communication
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